10 Best Android Launchers of 2024

Are you tired of the stock launcher on your Android phone? Looking to customize your device and add some variety to your user experience? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we will explore the 10 best Android launchers of 2024, each offering a unique set of features and customization options.

Whether you’re a minimalist or someone who loves to tinker with every aspect of your phone’s interface, there’s a launcher on this list for you. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the exciting world of Android launchers!


1. Nova Launcher (Power and Customization Combined)

When it comes to Android launchers, one name that stands out is Nova Launcher. Known for its speed, sleek design, and high level of customization, Nova Launcher has been a favorite among Android users for years.

With Nova Launcher, you can transform your home screen into a personalized masterpiece without sacrificing performance. From color themes to icon packs, and scrollable docks to app drawer customizations, Nova Launcher has it all.

The best part? The developers are constantly adding new features and improvements, ensuring that you always have access to the latest tools to enhance your Android experience.

Download Nova Launcher: APK or Play Store


2. Niagara Launcher (Minimalism at Its Finest)

If you’re someone who values simplicity and minimalism, Niagara Launcher is the perfect choice for you. This lean Android launcher is designed to keep distractions to a minimum while placing your apps and notifications front and center.

With Niagara Launcher, you can declutter your home screen and enjoy a clean, organized interface. The app drawer automatically surfaces your favorite apps, and alphabetical shortcuts make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

While Niagara Launcher may not offer the same level of visual customization as other launchers, its focus on simplicity and usability is what sets it apart.

Download Niagara Launcher: APK or Play Store


3. Smart Launcher 6 (Intelligence and Style Combined)

Smart Launcher has long been a favorite among Android users, and the latest version, Smart Launcher 5, takes things to a whole new level. With its unique “flower” favorites grid and intelligently sorted app drawer, Smart Launcher 6 keeps your favorite apps within easy reach.

The launcher also offers adaptive icons and colors, fully resizable widgets, and a wide range of customization options. Whether you’re a casual user or a power user, Smart Launcher 6 has something for everyone.

While some of the advanced features require a Pro version, the free version of Smart Launcher 6 still packs a punch.

Download Smart Launcher 6: APK or Play Store


4. AIO Launcher (Information at Your Fingertips)

If you’re someone who craves information and wants everything at your fingertips, AIO Launcher is the launcher for you. Unlike other launchers that focus on visual customization, AIO Launcher prioritizes information density.

With AIO Launcher, you can see your frequently used apps, system information, recent calls, messages, emails, calendar events, and more, all on your home screen.

While the interface may not be the most user-friendly among the best Android launchers, the wealth of information it provides makes it a compelling choice for those who value efficiency and productivity.

Download AIO Launcher: APK or Play Store


5. Hyperion Launcher (Pixel-like Customization)

If you’re a fan of the clean and polished look of Pixel Launcher but crave more customization options, Hyperion Launcher is the answer to your prayers. Developed by the team behind the popular Substratum theming engine, Hyperion Launcher offers an extensive array of settings to tweak every aspect of your Android interface.

From themes and icons to animations and adaptive icons, Hyperion Launcher gives you unparalleled control over the look and feel of your device. While some features require a Pro version, the free version of Hyperion Launcher still offers a plethora of customization options.

Download Hyperion Launcher: APK or Play Store


6. Action Launcher (Pixel-style Makeover)

Action Launcher Pixel Edition brings the best of Pixel Launcher to third-party launchers, combining extreme customizability with the sleek interface features introduced with the Pixel Launcher. With Action Launcher, you can enjoy an adaptive app bar, the iconic pill-shaped Google search bar, and Oreo-style app shortcuts.

The slide-out app drawer provides quick access to your app library and widgets. Action Launcher also automatically adjusts the app drawer, folder backgrounds, and search box to match the dominant colors in your wallpaper, creating a cohesive and visually appealing experience.

Download Action Launcher: APK or Play Store


7. Customized Pixel Launcher (Bringing Pixel Features to All)

Customized Pixel Launcher (CPL) is an excellent choice for those who want to experience the features of the Pixel Launcher without having a Pixel device. Built on the Rootless Launcher project, CPL closely resembles the stock Pixel launcher, complete with rounded edges, notification dots, and badges. It offers theming options, icon pack support, adaptive icons, gesture controls, and font customization.

CPL also supports the Google feed and the At A Glance widget, further enhancing the Pixel-like experience on your non-Pixel device.

Download Customized Pixel Launcher: Play Store


8. Apex Launcher (A Balance of Features and Performance)

Apex Launcher lives up to its name by striking a balance between features and performance. With Apex Launcher, you can customize your home screen grid size, create up to nine screens, and enjoy a scrollable dock with multiple pages.

The launcher offers infinite scrolling, transition animations, various folder styles, and multiple app drawer styles for ultimate customization. While the paid version unlocks additional options, such as more drawer choices and extra gestures, the free version of Apex Launcher still provides a robust set of features to personalize your Android experience.

Download Apex Launcher: APK or Play Store


9. POCO Launcher (Streamlined and Stylish)

While Xiaomi’s phones may not be widely available in the US, you can still enjoy the Poco Launcher through the Google Play Store. Poco Launcher offers a streamlined experience with a focus on style and simplicity.

The app drawer comes with smart category tabs, automatically sorting your apps into groups like Communication and Photography. You can customize your screen layout, enjoy transition effects, and even lock your phone by tapping the screen.

Poco Launcher may not offer as many deep customization options as some of its rivals, but its clean design and user-friendly interface make it a solid choice.

Download Poco Launcher: APK or Play Store


10. Microsoft Launcher (Seamless Integration with Windows)

Microsoft Launcher, formerly known as Arrow Launcher, offers a seamless integration between your Android phone and Windows PC. With Microsoft Launcher, you can quickly snap photos from your phone and view them on your desktop.

You can also open web links from mobile to Edge on PC, or start editing Office 365 documents on your PC and continue on the go with your mobile phone. Along with its integration features, Microsoft Launcher offers a customizable theme, gesture controls, and a context-sensitive app page.

If you’re deeply entrenched in the Microsoft ecosystem, Microsoft Launcher is a must-try.

Download Microsoft Launcher: APK or Play Store



In conclusion, the world of Android launchers is filled with endless possibilities for customization and personalization. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and minimalist interface or a feature-packed powerhouse, there’s a launcher on this list that suits your needs.

From Nova Launcher’s extensive customization options to Niagara Launcher’s focus on simplicity, each launcher offers a unique set of features to enhance your Android experience. So go ahead, download one (or more) of these best Android launchers of 2024, and make your phone truly yours!

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